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The movie Pets – The Secret Life of Pets presents Max, a dog who lives in a Manhattan apartment. When his beloved owner brings home a new dog named Duke, Max does not like it at all, since his privileges seem to have ended. But soon they will have to put their differences aside when an incident puts the two in the sights of the van. While trying to escape, the animals of the neighborhood gather for the rescue and a gang of animals living in the sewers get in the way of the duo.

Max, the protagonist of the movie “Pets – The Secret Life of Pets” (2016), is a dog that looks like the Jack Russell Terrier breed. He is very attached to his owner, loves to be spoiled and is a bit jealous, but is a great companion.

Gigi is a beautiful Lulu da Pomerania white-coated dog. She is very cute, brave, passionate and loves adventures.

The big Duke is a dog that looks like a Bearded Collie. He may frighten at first, but he is a good friend and very kind.

Buddy is a Dachshund dog, better known as “sausage”. He is very quiet, loves to relax and chill. Mel is a French Bulldog, very cheerful and full of energy, loves to chase squirrels.



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As we prepare to celebrate Mother's Day, it's important to remember our furry friends who are about to become moms. Pregnant pets deserve special care to ensure a healthy pregnancy and the birth of happy puppies.

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