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Emergencies with pets: what are the main causes

emergencies with pets

Pets are part of the family and, just like humans, they can face emergency situations. Knowing how to act quickly can be crucial to saving your dog or cat’s life. In this blog, we will cover some of the main emergencies that can occur and provide guidance on how to deal with each situation.


It can occur when ingesting foreign objects, inappropriate foods or even when playing with small objects. Signs include frequent coughing, difficulty breathing and panic. To act, position yourself behind the animal, apply firm and consistent abdominal pressure, avoiding injuries. If the problem persists, seek veterinary help immediately.


Pets can accidentally ingest toxic substances, such as cleaning products, poisonous plants or foods that are dangerous to them. Identifying signs of poisoning, such as vomiting, excessive salivation and convulsions, is crucial. Call your veterinarian or a poison control center immediately with information about the substance ingested.

Wounds and Cuts

Injuries can occur during play, confrontations with other animals or even domestic accidents. Assess the severity of the wound, clean it gently and use light bandages. If the wound is deep, continues to bleed or involves sensitive areas such as eyes and ears, seek veterinary help.


Seizures in dogs and cats can be caused by epilepsy, poisoning or neurological problems. Protect the animal from surrounding objects, remain calm and avoid putting your hands near its mouth during the episode. Record the duration of the seizure and immediately seek a veterinarian to investigate the underlying cause.


Burns can result from exposure to hot substances, chemicals or even the sun. Cool the affected area with cold water, not ice, and avoid using creams or ointments without veterinary advice. Extensive burns or those affecting sensitive areas require urgent veterinary care.


Run-overs and other trauma can cause serious injuries, including fractures and internal injuries. Avoid moving the animal unnecessarily, use a board or blanket for transportation and seek veterinary help immediately. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are crucial for recovery.

Heatstroke and Hyperthermia

In hot climates, animals can suffer from heatstroke and hyperthermia. Symptoms include excessive salivation, rapid breathing and weakness. Gradually cool the animal, offer fresh water and avoid intense exercise on hot days. In serious cases, seek veterinary assistance for evaluation and appropriate treatment.

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And order to accomplish that, we have a diagnostic center with tomography, x-ray, ultrasound, echocardiography, electrocardiography, hematology and urinalysis, besides a large and comfortable hospitalization sector and two surgical centers. The offices are designed and developed for the clients' comfort. A generous, wooded outdoor area was developed for dogs to have a place to relax with their owners during visits.

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