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Disney’s movie, The Fox and the Hound, tells the story of the unlikely friendship between a red fox called Tod and a hunting dog called Copper.

The two friends fight to preserve their friendship despite their emerging instincts and the social pressures surrounding them, demanding that they be enemies since they are enemies by nature. In the movie, Copper is a mix of Bloodhound/Coonhound.

He has a light brown body with dark brown ears and a dark brown patch on his back. He also has a white snout and belly and four white paws. As an adult, he wears a blue collar. As a pup, Copper is quite curious. He has an excellent sense of smell, which makes him prone to wandering, following various scents. One of these instances led him to make friends with Tod, unaware that the two were natural enemies. However, he could be somewhat cautious, especially around his owner and the older chief.



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