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Pets on Halloween: essential care

Pets on Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time, full of costumes, candy and spooky decorations. However, for our furry friends, it can be a stressful and even dangerous time. We’ve put together some important tips to ensure your pet has a safe and enjoyable trick or treating.

Keep sweets out of reach

Sweets, especially chocolate, are toxic to pets. Keep all sweets, including packaging, out of your pet’s reach. If you suspect that your pet has ingested something inappropriate, contact our hospital immediately.

Avoid uncomfortable costumes

If you decide to dress up your pet, choose comfortable and safe costumes. Avoid clothing that restricts movement or has small parts that can be chewed and swallowed. Make sure your pet is comfortable and shows no signs of discomfort.

Be careful with halloween decorations

Halloween decorations can be tempting for pets, but many of them can pose dangers. Lighted candles, twinkling lights, and small decorations can easily be knocked over, causing fires, or swallowed. Keep all decorations out of the reach of animals and opt for safe alternatives, such as battery-operated LED lights.

Avoid the stress of noise

The sound of screaming children or fireworks can scare pets. Consider creating a calm, peaceful environment for your pet, perhaps in a room with toys, soft music, or an anti-stress dog t-shirt or wrap.

Identification and closed door

With many visitors coming and going, your pet is more likely to escape through the open door. Make sure your pets have up-to-date identification (such as a collar with an ID tag) and consider placing them in a secure area or using a crate to prevent escapes.

Decorative plants and pumpkins

Some fall plants, such as crocus and chrysanthemums, are toxic to pets. Additionally, candles inside pumpkins can easily be knocked over and cause burns or fires. Keep these items out of the reach of animals.

Keep Calm

Pets often pick up cues about how to feel based on their owners’ energy. If you remain calm and relaxed, your pet is more likely to feel safe too.

And remember: each pet is unique. Be aware of your pet’s reactions and adjust the environment as necessary. With extra care and attention, you can ensure everyone, including your furry friends, has a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

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